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Sheraton Gets Beer Religion


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Four Points hotels, the budget brand of Sheraton, is touting a beer program that at least on its face looks several cuts above the average chain-hotel fare.

Interestingly, the initiative is being driven not by any particular Sheraton executive's affinity for the amber nectar, but rather by its fortuitous fit with Four Points' overall brand positioning initiative, which seeks to emphasize "honest, uncomplicated comfort."

Lodging Magazine notes of the market research underlying the effort:

Four Points customers told the task force they like simple indulgences, so they responded with a program that provided pie upon arrival. And eschewing the complexities of wine, Four Points is now launching a beers of the world program that not only features international selections but also locally brewed beers, understanding guests wanted to be part of their hotel’s locality.

Whatever the rationale, here's hoping this is a success and leads to more Bock and less Bud Light moving across hotel bar counters everywhere.

Oh, and by the way, they have a job opening right now for a Chief Beer Officer, not that anyone around here would be interested. Paging Dr. Fresh, Dr. Crescent Fresh.

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