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My own website and I can't find a single recommendation for a plumber in Northern Virginia. :angry:

Anyone? Preferably one who won't take a rat-tail file to me for unclogging a drain on a weekend?

I've tried everything, and it's infuriating because the clog is only about six inches down, but *nothing* is going through it - boiling water, coat hanger, drain cleaner, filling the tub with hot water, plunging - I'm betting five seconds with a power snake, and it's done ... and I'll be out $150.

I've also given MVP Plumbing first dibs. See what you can do for your friends and relatives if you recommend them on these forums? :)

John who owns Herndon Plumbing is a Master plumber. His family has been in the business since the late 1950's. I cannot rave enough about him. Unfortunately, we have needed him a half dozen times over the past five or so years.  But he has also done a great deal of work in our neighborhood for a long time and is known well.  In our case it has not just been a clogged drain.  We have had a pinhole leak (which can mean breaking through drywall to get to it), water pipes underneath the ground and pipes in the wall in our bathroom (behind marble which he was able to reach without having to break the tiles).  To say that he is knowledgeable is an understatement.  Included in his repertoire is a sewer video camera. In truth he is old school with a very small company and it is probably going to be him who does the work.  I'll also note that he is not inexpensive but the work will be correctly diagnosed and it will be done right.

To be honest most of the jobs we know of John having done are much larger but I want to mention him for anyone that may need a seriously good Master plumber in the future.  Especially in a more complicated job. We trust him.

Joe Heflin

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