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E.O. Wilson - Father of Sociobiology

Al Dente

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I think Wilson is one of the great minds of the last century. Last night PBS ran a two-hour special about his work called "Of Ants and Men". I highly recommend checking it out. Here's a man who has truly followed his bliss (thank you Joseph Campbell-- another one of the great minds).

I'm fascinated by people who see the REALLY big picture of the world. All the petty bullshit of everyday life, and human history for that matter, falls away to reveal what lies beneath. Humankind won't last forever, and the ants will march on.

He said something like "humans have paleolithic minds, medieval institutions, and the technology of the gods". I couldn't agree more. We're all just monkeys with car keys and we need to steer and accelerate our own evolution towards getting beyond our tribal ways.

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