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Durum Wheat Flour


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So what is the Duram Wheat flour for? Isn't that supposedly better for pasta? Is Duram also a softer type of wheat?

Durum wheat is the "hardest" type of wheat; i.e., the flour derived from it has the highest proportion of gluten-forming proteins. (The word "durum" derives from a Latin word meaning "hard", the same root behind "durable" and "endure".) Semolina, which is milled from durum wheat, is the flour used in factory-made dried pasta, a very different product from fresh pasta. Most fresh pasta is made with softer flour (i.e., lower protein), although some people actually do use semolina to make fresh pasta. I've never tried doing this, and have no idea what the finished product would be like. I gather that dough made this way is difficult to work with.

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