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Words of wisdom from Chef Wang


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I am adicted to the cooking videos from Chef Wang in Sichuan. He is a professional chef and I believe the shows are geared for home & aspiring professional chefs alike. He cooks in his restaurant kitchen. 

Tonight he made a Chonquing dish and there were some words of wisdom we can all live by.

"If you don't like duck blood, you can always use pork blood"

"When you use pork aorta, you need to remove the dirty bits after scraping" & "Friends, this is not pork oesophegus or trachea, it is the largest artery and it is attached tot he heart.

"The purpose of this step {parboiling the swamp eel} is to get rid of the muddy, fishy taste"

How can one argue with any of that! I jest but it is fascinating seeing these dishes prepared authentically. Do watch it but be sure to turn on the CC. 

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