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Good Fortune Super Market

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I rarely go here because of the intense difficulty in parking at Eden Center And if we go to lunch at EC, the prospect of shopping in a food coma is not a good one.

I was pleasantly surprised at the produce selection but impressed indeed with the prices. Great fruit selection. Meat, Seafood were quite good. Dry goods has a lot of Chinese and Vietnamese {duh!} selections. Other ethnicities, including Korean, were only soso, except Japan was seemingly well represented. . Again, not a good one stop shop.

I am not a fan of Great Wall because if high prices, but I love their selection. Good fortune seems to be as good in quality as Good Fortune and much better pricing, slightly smaller selection. I htink Good fortune is better quality produce, meat & seafood as 99 Ranch Market, but 99 kicks on dry goods. 

Definitely a good addition to my major shopping rotation. But with LA Mart so close, it will be limited to days I have other things to do close by {our dry cleaner is nearby. And somehow a trip to beanetics makes Good Fortune seem so much closer. 

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