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Capitol Queen Cocktail

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You might be hearing more about this cocktail soon, as I think that it will be served at the RAMW gala this June.

Snow Queen vodka is from Kazakhstan, and just might be their best export since Borat*

It's got the most noticeable label that I've ever seen on a vodka :o and, fortunately, the vodka itself is really pretty good. In my experience, a cute label might get someone to buy a product once, but unless it delivers the goods, the sales are all but done. It is $1 less than Grey Goose and it isn't NEARLY as harsh as Grey Goose tastes to me. Snow Queen is a wheat-based vodka (as opposed to, say, a rye vodka like Stolichnaya or Belvedere, or a potato vodka like Cirrus or Chopin) and it's well worth a try if you haven't tasted it.

Here are the ingredients for the Capitol Queen cocktail (sorry, I don't know the proprtions - have fun experimenting!):

"Capitol Queen"

Snow Queen vodka

Welch's White Grape/Peach Juice

I'm told that at the RAMW gala, it will be served with squeezed lime in a sugar-rimmed Martini glass.


*(Yes, I know that Borat is a fictional character played by an actor, but you know what I mean...)

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