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Chocolate Purists Alarmed by Proposal To Fudge Standards


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I first heard about it from friends a couple of weeks ago. It would be sad, if we lose our standard of good chocolate here in the US. In Germany, they have certain distinctions for foods - they are not laws, but rather guidelines that have to be respected. It would be very misleading for customers if this gets pulled through by the industry.

Everyone should voice their opinion on this to the FDA. They extended the deadline, which was April 25th I think to sometimes in May or June. Please go to the site established by G. Guittard reffered to in the above linked article and let them know what you think about this issue.

I cannot understand why anyone would want to eat a 'chocolate bar' that contains no cocoa butter, but instead trans fats .... didn't we learn that trans fats are bad for us? What do you guys think of this? I personally think that the food industry would distance itself from the artisan chocolatier even more and that just might be to our advantage - on the other side, more and more people will have to be informed of what they are really eating and will the majority of people realize the difference?

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