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Lily Bulbs

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One of the best dishes I have had this year was red snapper with lily bulb at Jean Georges in New York. I also had red snapper with lily bulb at The Oval Room here in Washington. Of course, Tony Conte, the chef at the Oval Room, worked as executive sous chef at Jean Georges. The dish at Jean Georges was better but Chef Conte did change the ingredients, adding meyer lemon and vanilla at the Oval Room for a different taste.

All that as background so when I ask my question, you won't send me to a garden store. Has anyone seen lily bulbs for sale in the DC area? They are an Asian ingredient and a Google seach leads me to believe that they are often sold frozen but I can't find them. Even in Asian grocery stores. Have you seen them anywhere? Please don't just tell me to "try an Asian supermarket." Been there, done that. Most look at me with blank stares.

I'd love to recreate this dish but the lily bulbs are an essential element and a unique flavor and I can't find any. Help ! Thanks in advance.

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