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Of Grapes & Wrath

Not to be outdone or upstaged by France's stealthy FLNJ (Garden Gnome Liberation Front) CRAV's rabble rouser stunts include but are not limited to:

March 1976. Gunfire breaks out between two CRS groups (French Police Corp) and several hundred vintners. 1 CRS commandant and 1 vintner get dead.

December 1998. In response to cold weather and frost which affected vineyards in Aude, CRAV blows up a room in a hotel. “CRAV : frost” is scribbled on a wall. Vintners get $25 million in federal aide.

February 2002. CRAV tries to destroy an electric facility. $180,000 worth of damage and “CRAV Lives On” graffiti found.

4 Days later 2002. CRAV's dynamite sticks make a train track signal control box thing which keeps trains from colliding go BOOM. Service is disrupted for a few hours. Railroad Syndicate denounces the act which could have killed many people.

March 2005. Hooded CRAV hoodlums burn (or at least try to) metal shopping carts and their glass walled storage shelters at several supermarkets to protest highly competitive, low, low wine prices.

April 2005. Elite CRAV operatives redecorate regional agriculture headquarters with explosive middle-eastern extremist flair.

June 2007. Wearing unseasonal black balaclavas, CRAV spokesmen produce a cellphone-camera quality YouTube ultimatum demanding President Sarkozy raise the price of wine lest his blood flow.

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