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Index of All Industry-Superstar Chats

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Joel Finklestein (Qualia Coffee)
Alex Elman (Alex Elman Wines)
Nizam Ali (Ben's Chili Bowl)
Gerry Dawes (Spanish Artisan Wine Group)
Rachael Harriman (CityZen)
Carole Greenwood (Buck's Fishing and Camping)
Ann Cashion (Johnny's Half Shell)
R J Cooper (Vidalia)
Brendan Cox (Circle Bistro)
Koji Terano (Sushi-Ko)
Gerard Pangaud (Gerard's Place)
Terry Theise (Terry Theise Estate Selections)
Fabio Trabocchi (Maestro)
Cathal Armstrong (Restaurant Eve)
Tom Sietsema (Washington Post)
Mark Furstenberg (Breadline)

The eGullet chats of 2004:

Cesare Lanfranconi (Tosca)
Michael Landrum (Ray's The Steaks)
Tom Power (Corduroy)
John Wabeck (Firefly)
Gillian Clark (Colorado Kitchen)
Todd Kliman (Washington City Paper)
Jonathan Krinn (2941)

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