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Paul from Blue Ridge Dairy was asking me this morning about butter. He's thinking of making some soon and is completing a transaction to get some equipment from a woman in Canada. He's leaning towards making unsalted, European-styled cultured butter, which would be a great asset to the market. McLoed Dairy used to sell it, but since they've disappeared, so has their butter.

Meanwhile, Firefly Farms is doing something new with their fresh chevre. What they're not turning into Allegheny Chevre logs they're now whipping into two varieties of cheese spreads. One was a sweet variety that I tasted, but can't recall the ingredients. A great recommendation was to grill a peach and then spread some of this on it.

The other one, which I did buy, is made with roasted garlic, sundried tomatoes and herbs de provence. Some scoops of that will find their way into some ravioli I am currently making. (I'm on a wine break! :P )

Edited to add that I learned all this from Dupont Market this AM.

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