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I bought a dozen Aracuna eggs (blue shells) from Country Pleasures--they said that  they are expecting that sometime in the summer, the state of MD will require that all chickens be raised indoors, and that  when that happens, they will no longer have eggs for sale, because they don't want to own chickens which can't be outdoors.

This is also an issue in Virginia. From the Polyface Farm website I found this site that discusses regulation and other issues facing Virginia independent farmers.

Legislation is also pending in Virginia to require that all poultry be kept in covered barns. The website says that the supporters are pointing to the fears about avian flu as the reason for this legislation, but in fact the legislation was proposed long before avian flu became an issue. Independent farmers point to fears of competition from large corporate poultry farms, which do not yet have a presence in Virginia, but could in the future.

Organic, free-roaming chickens produce eggs that are more nutritious and better tasting than those from huge corporate farms. The poutry meat itself is likewise more nutritious and better tasting. Lest that become a more popular choice for consumers, corporate food producers are seeking to eliminate that competition.

The article in Mother Jones is a good one, and probably will be put up on their website in a month or two, as the next issue is ready to hit the stands.

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