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Macphail's 50-Year-Old Single Malt


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uuuuh. super generous friend presented my husband with a gift that is far beyond my ken, MacPhail's 50 year old single malt. he doesn't feel that he can drink it until he knows it's provenance and some background. can any of the spirit specialists around here give me some background on this blessing? google search didn't turn up much, but the little that my husband found has him wide-eyed.


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It sounds like it may be an independent bottling by Gordon & Macphail of a 50-year old Scotch produced by any one of the distilleries whose whiskeys Gordon & Macphail have bottled (if I'm not mistaken, they bottle whiskeys from now-defunct distilleries as well as some still in existence.)

Any other names on the label that might help out?

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the label on the bottle says the following


"Single Malt Scotch Whiskey"

"Gordon and MacPhail"

"Elgin-Scotland - Established 1895"

"50 years old"

Unless Elgin is the name of the original maker, there aren't any other hints.

thanks a lot.

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