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San Pedro Sula, Honduras


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I just spent 3 days in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. An amazingly beautiful country with unbelievable amounts of poverty. Even though there is much poverty, the locals have an amazing variety of foods. Lunch one day at the Flamingo Hotel in Omoa consisted of ceviche and pasta with seafood which was macaroni with a lobster tail that was huge, clams, shrimp, and large pieces of a mild white fish in a very nicely spiced red sauce (almost felt Italian). A large glass of freshly made lemonade was the drink of choice. We ate on a patio overlooking the beach which meant there was a nice breeze. The entire lunch was approximately $12 US. Lunch of Friday was at Lando which is a very small, family run restaurant about 30 minutes from Puerto Cortes, the commercial sea port. Lunch was a barbecued porkchop, a complete chicken leg, grilled steak, a spicy sausage, salad, rice and black beans, a baked potato, grilled plaintain with garlic (which is wonderful) and freshly baked bread. Way more food than most people can finish and the tab was an astounding $3 US. Needless to say, we left stuffed. I will post some pictures from this lunch later on...

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