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LeNell's (Brooklyn NY) - Closed

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It looks like LeNell's is having a hard time of it with the landlords of Redhook. This quote gives me an idea:

"If you can survive in New York, you can survive anywhere." Well, I think I've proved myself long enough. Maybe it's time to head back South. Own a real home, eat real bar b que, and have a life. LeNell is broken.

Even if our BBQ sucks maybe we can convince Ms. Smothers to come to DC.

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OH NOES!!!!! :lol::lol::)

This is truly sad to see. Especially to someone who cares so much about her business and the spirits she sells. My bottle of Red Hook Rye was on the top of the top shelf. Now I may just have to store it away so it only comes out on my birthday or Christmas . . .

And this just after the free Ikea water taxi started ferrying people from Manhattan to Red Hook . . . Damn. I, for one, will be praying that something works out for her.


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Well so much for LeNell's it has finally shuttered and good luck to LeNell where ever she lands.

Reports of her closing are premature. LeNell's is still open; the current lease is good through the end of February. When it does eventually close, however, she's planning a March tour of Europe - and European booze.

See comment #2 in response to the link above.

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