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Cornbread Nation 4 Dinner at Johnny's Halfshell

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The Southern Foodways Alliance is hosting a dinner at Johnny's Half Shell on Capitol Hill to help promote the publication of Cornbread Nation 4-The Best of Southern Foodwriting. The dinner will be held on Saturday, June 21st at 7p.m. The meal will be prepared by Ann Cashion, with desserts by Valerie Hill, and it will include many gulf delicacies including a crab dish that, in my mind, is worth the price of admission all by it's ownself. Those Sabine Pass Barbeque Crabs are crazy good (and, just for those of you keeping score at home, they are being made with Maryland Crab. I had some last week during the test phase and they were "eat til you explode" good. Also, some of the best oysters in the world, supplied by Apalachicola's Tommy Ward, will be served with dinner, as well (a movie by the SFA's resident filmaker, Joe York, called "Working the Miles" will be shown also. This movie is about the oyster culture around Apalachicola, FL). Wine pairings will be included and everyone will get a copy of Cornbread Nation 4.

More information is available here

The total cost for the evening is $70, all inclusive, which is a pretty swell deal. Reservations for the evening can be made by calling Johnny's Half Shell directly. Hope to see you there.

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