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  1. New Orleans Streetcar 2 Oz. Grey Goose Pear Vodka 1 Oz. St. Germain 1 Oz. Champagne Shake Vodka and St. Germain in cocktail shaker to chill Pour into champagne stem and top with champagne Garnish with a long lemon twist Refreshing as all get out. Enjoy.
  2. Once again, DC is better at it than we are at NOLA, but we keep trying... http://www.nola.com/news/index.ssf/2009/03...hrimp_skim.html Idiots.
  3. Tickets are going fast for this thing, so don't waste time if you are interested in going (really, it's not a sales pitch. The event will sell out and is on it's way to selling out pretty quickly). The Southern Foodways Alliance holds a few of these events each year in various cities around the country. Potlikker is a fine time to see some of Joe York's film work, enjoy some fine food and drink, and also meet a few nice folks. The food is being prepared by Ann Cashion, Gillian Clark, Terell Danley, David Guas, Mark Furstenburg, and Jeff Buben. Beverages are being provided by Flying Dog Brewery and Jack Daniels. Movies by Joe York. Music by Jimmy Burrell. Click on the website for details. Potlikker Film Festival at Johnny's Half Shell Hope to see you there.
  4. Could be lots of stuff. Did you open more than one bottle (of course you did...)? Was it clear or did it have some kind of detectable haze? Are we talking "skank" or "skunk?" Once again, I know that you know the difference. Should have just stuck with Dogfish 90 Minute IPA. It's so strong that you can't make it stink. Delicious and bulletproof. The perfect combo.
  5. Aww Don, that's ok. Happens all of the time. Heavy handed editors whacking away at my best work. I'm very used to it.
  6. Just for the record, I was in Tampa on Sunday night and I had nothing to do with this crime. At all. Really. But, since we're chatting, would you like some cake for dessert after you've finished your omelette?
  7. Galatoire's also serves their over ice, something I happen to like, but many consider to be a sin of some sort. The basic is easy to make and a refreshing evening bump. Here's how you do it... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfhaxHYb46E They're not hard to make right, but you do need the right stuff. I had one at 11 Madison Park made with Lucid to coat the glass, Peychaud's, some fine sugar, and some Rittenhouse Rye, and it was about as good as it gets.
  8. They have it now. Thanks to a friend.-me. Billy makes a fine one, and this is from someone who is one short streetcar ride (not a trolley, Goddammit!) from some of the best in the world. And, believe me, a streetcar is the play after a few of those things. Driving is a dangerous option. I'm constantly doing what I can to straighten out our nation's capital. You guys need the help. We watch the news. We know. Uggh. On the other hand, we had a late dinner at the Gastropub the other night, the one in Columbia Heights (near the house) and it was stunningly surprising. I loved it. Food was damned good. Wish they had called me about the beer, but, aside from that, really good. Big crowd,even late, and service was excellent. Highly recommended. Make sure that, for an app, yoiu get the scotch eggs. Well cooked and enticingly served. Oh, and while I'm at it. Pete's Appizaria is putting out a great pie. Seriously delicious crust.
  9. I'm not entirely sure that my mother would be proud, but, hell, she's mad at me all of the time anyway... http://dcist.com/2008/08/15/chasing_the_gr...11Pic=6#gallery
  10. Big news from Robert Parker... "I just got out of the hospital and it turns out, even though I never had any idea about my apparent physical oddity, that I have absolutely no tastebuds and have been confusing origin, price, and free hotel rooms with taste for all of these years! Can you believe it?" Mr. Parker then announced that he was on his way to Trader Joe's for a couple of bottles of Two Buck Chuck, as, since he really hasn't been able to tell the difference for years, and now that he probably won't be able to run the same scam as everyone knows his secret, he'll need to watch his budget from now on. Just like almost everyone else on Earth. Film at 11
  11. It's the state of the business. You might as well get used to it. Newspapers around the country are all going to this kind of thing, more or less, as less and less people start their day out with a physical copy of the paper. Believe me, the writers, generally, aren't doing this because they enjoy it. They're just trying to keep their jobs.
  12. That's it. I'm done. Unless they provide equal time to cake, I am finished with the Food Section in the WAPO. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/conte...8071502643.html
  13. Ok, Ulysses, I have your answer, straight from Q-Tip, barmaster and co-proprietor of Johnny's Half Shell. "Verte Suisse 65 PF1901 NOuvelle-Orleans Blanchette Lucid we also carry, St.Goeorge & Kubler." Anyone who has any suggestions on what else is available and where one might get there hands on it would be more than welcome to chime in.
  14. Johnny's Half Shell (yes, it's well documented that the owner, or one of them anyway, is close to me-I would post this anyway because it's on topic, so, well, whatever) now has 7 or 8 brands of absinthe behind the bar and all of the gear to go with it-fountain, spoons, cool glasses, correct sugar, etc. It's not a bad way to go through a see what you want to spend your money on when buying a bottle or two and maybe some of the equipment to go with it. Plus, it's fun to go through the whole process. Mesmerizing might be a good way to describe it, but, then again, it might be the absinthe that's causing the mesmerization.
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