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Brunswick Farmers' Market (Frederick County, MD)

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I happened to be toodling through historic Brunswick this afternoon, and ran across their nascent Farmers' Market, which will run from 1-4 PM on Sundays, June through October. The first few weekends it has occupied the parking lot behind the town hall, but will be moving next weekend to a new site a couple blocks away...behind the Railroad museum if I heard correctly.

The market is smallish right now, but seemed to be attracting a reasonable amount of foot traffic from the local neighborhoods. Local strawberries (two vendors) were $2-$2.50/pint, and less for seconds. Two goat-centric stands: one lady sold cheeses from her dairy goat herd, and another was offering meat and goat's milk soap from hers. I picked up some ground meat for making chili, but she also makes goat sausages and was in the midst of frying up samples. The aroma was excellent, but I didn't have time to stick around for a taste.

A couple of folks offered baked goods, including an interesting stand called Nix Safe Snax. Owner Beth Johnson's youngest son is autistic, and suffers from food allergies including gluten. She's been working up a variety of baked goods from breads to snack mixes that are "allergen friendly" but still taste good to the rest of her family. Just getting started, and literally in her third weekend of operation, she's on the hunt for commercial bakery time, and already planning an expansion to the downtown Frederick farm market. I snarfed one of her "sandwich rolls" as a snack, and found it to be a delicious, eggy morsel that resembled a cross between a Yorkshire pudding and a (somewhat chewy) drop biscuit.

I don't remember too many particulars of the other stands, unfortunately. One stand had quite a few lavender plants, and a few smallish culinary herbs. There was a stand from local café Beans in the Belfry, and one from a local Chinese restaurant which exuded the scent of five-spice powder. And a variety of yarns from a local alpaca farm.

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