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Thanks Leviathan,

That is a wonderful Article! Not only did it give Chinese cooking the honor it so deserves, but I learned a few things about different cooking methods that I had taken for granted--I had begun to think only of ingredient combinations instead of the added layer of subtlety with preparation, more even than just 'fried or steamed or stir fried'. Nice article!

Er, the visual from the next blogger was pretty amusing too.

I took a year of Mandarin, so I can't laugh as hard as I used to about foiled translations. :lol: I used to collect bad translations, but then I tried to read and write the other language. hahahaha! Not to easy! Food is easier!

so many choices, tonight I'm not sure what to eat, Seriously, I think that happens to amateur cook explorers: it's overwhelming when you look in the fridge and see so many possibilities. Sometimes, I wish I only knew about one or two spices, one or two recipes, but the universe is full of possibility,


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