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Welcome to Foodtrader.org!

The Environmental Finance Center at the University of Maryland announces the launch of Foodtrader.org, a virtual farmer’s market that will connect both buyers and sellers with local food as soon as it is harvested. In concert with sister site Agtrader.org, Foodtrader.org will give consumers access to the rich diversity of agricultural resources within the state of Maryland.

Foodtrader.org represents a new and unique service for the state of Maryland. The Environmental Finance Center is the first organization to provide an online venue for letting the general public know when food is harvested, how much food is available, and where that food can be purchased outside of local farmers markets. With Foodtrader.org, farmers can create an instantaneous listing that will identify the description, quantity, price, and location of their items. Consumers can search listings within specific categories and communicate directly with the farmer to buy the food at the farm, at a farmers market or at another prearranged location.

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