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Wegman's Hunt Valley Cooking Class

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So from now to June, on the 1st Wed of each month, Wegman's in Hunt Valley has a cooking class/demo with a local chef.

It's $20, but in addition to trying the dishes, you get a gift basket of fancy salt and cooking oils from Wegman's.

In Sept, the executive chef of Oregon Grille, Stefan Sabo cooked.

Tonight, chef Jason Ambrose of Salt is cooking. I'm taking my mom to this event tonight as it is close to her house.

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I put up some pictures from the Wegman's event on my blog.

We got to try oyster and corn chowder with chipotle, a salad of edamame, watercress, peas, chickpeas, and peppers, lamb stroganoff, and goat cheese doughnuts.

Included for $20- we all got gift bags with Wegman's products- like balsamic vinegar and infused oil.

The real interesting thing was that Jason Ambrose had a vanilla sea salt that he used for the doughnuts that tasted amazing.

The next event in 11/12 with the executive chef of the Harbor Renaissance hotel restaurant.

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