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Ava Pizzeria

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I had some excellent pizza this Saturday in St. Michaels. On a cold afternoon after visiting the Maritime Museum, the family visited Ava's Pizzeria at 409 Talbot St. The first pizza was just excellent :lol: ; a pepperoni with red sauce, mozzarella, and basil. Its only flaw was a slightly soggy crust after sitting a few minutes. The second pizza was utterly perfect. A carmelized onion and sliced raw fennel white pizza that is on par with anything I've had here in the DC area. The constrast between the sweet onions and crisp fennel was wonderful. The place seemed ful (at least the downstairs)l, but sitting near the oven we had nice conversation with Chris, the pizza maker, about how hot the oven was (800 degrees) and other pizza making matters. I highly recommend this place to those visiting St. Michaels and want pizza as good if not better than DC's best.



(Edited to fix address and add website.)

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