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1 West Dupont Circle: New Boozerie


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I'm not sure where else you can get five kinds of "single village" mescal. At $50 a bottle, I'm not sure I need to know. But 1WDC is an intriguing place, overrun with upscale brands of all kinds of booze. Think 30 or 40 single malt Scotchs. Obscure rums. And gangs of tequila.

Downstairs, there's a good amount expensive wine -- a fine selection one might even say.

My first impression is that they're kind of buying by the numbers. It's one thing to go out of your way to stock obscure and excellent hard liquor. It's another thing to actually appreciate what you've got on the shelves; I am still haunted by the Batard Montrachet standing upright on top of the shelf, as though showing off the label was more important than keeping the cork moist. And a brief conversation with Prav Saraff, Director of Operations, didn't seem to reveal a guy who had a passion for fine beverages as opposed to, say, mensware.

Nonetheless, probably worth sticking your head in if you're in the Greater Dupont Metro Area.

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