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Don Panchito's Mexican & Salvadoran Grill

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I grew up in Cockeysville, and one day, while visiting the folks, I found this Salvadoran-Mexican place had opened up in the Cranbrook shopping center.

blog post w/ pics

It had a nice family feel, and the customers were Mexicans and Salvadorans who live in the apartments across the street.

We had their pupusas and lengua tacos- both were really good.

We tried their Guisado De Puerco, a pork stew with onions, peppers served with rice, and the Don Panchito Shrimp, a spicy tomato based dish with shelled shrimp. Their beans were clearly made with lard- very smooth and rich.

I went a second time and had their Yuca con chicharron, fried cassava with mayo and fried pork chunks.

Also had the Bistec Encebollado, a beef stew this time, and their chicken tamale- which was really light and fluffy.

Per chowhound, this shopping center is soon to be home to South American Grill, a Brazillian restaurant, in March- will report on that as well.

558 Cranbrook Rd

Cockeysville, MD 21030

(410) 628-1164

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