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Van Ness Liquors


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I have been underwhelmed by the beer selection at Calvert Woodley, other than the large bottles of Sam Smith and various Belgiums at the front, the cooler case in the back is about as exciting as Safeway or Giant.

Thus, I was pleasently surprised by the beer selection at the generic looking Van Ness Liquors, a store front in the Bank of America building in Van Ness. Excellent selection of Dog Fish product (probably 7 or 8 different styles from their line, including Midas, Fort and World Wide Stout), 5 or 6 from the Bells line, a number of belgiums, Tetleys and Dale's Pale Ale in cans. Lots more other tasty stuff. These guys definitely seem like they care about their beer!

So make it CW for wine and liquor and Van Ness Liquors for beer.

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I agree--when I lived in Van Ness, I would go there at least once a week for my beer and only go to CW for wine. Van Ness Liquors has a solid beer selection and they're very friendly--they always took the time to chat with me and take requests and show me new things they thought I would like (and they were usually right). I wish they were in my new neighborhood!

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