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Last Restaurant Standing


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I couldn't find a thread for this, but somebody out there must have been watching this show for the last season (or two). I haven't been following it too faithfully until the last 4-5 episodes. My post is prompted by my disappointment at the results.

I won't post names in case anybody has the final episode recorded and waiting to be watched. I don't think the winners deserved to be in the finals, but some of that is due to dislike of their personalities. Unlike Top Chef, the decision may be more based on overall performance. If it was based on the specific challenge, then the finale would have come down to whether or not you reward ambition, even if the execution isn't 100%, or does 'safe' (and therefore easier to do) win out because it is better executed.

My perspective is a little different after having a look at the BBC America forum on the show. Just curious if anybody else has any thoughts.

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