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Gin Tasting Saturday 7/10 7:30pm


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Every year, my congregation's big fundraiser is a charity auction. We have plenty of the usual restaurant gift certificates and theater tickets, but members are encouraged to host themed gatherings at their house, and sell the seats. Not only is it a great fundraiser, but really creates a sense of community.

For several years now, I have hosted booze-themed events at my house. This year, for the first time (economy? timing? theme?), I did not sell out every seat during the auction.

With Don's permission, I am offering 3 seats to the DR.com community. The listing from the auction catalog is below. The cost is $35/seat donation (not tax deductible, since you're getting more than $35 worth of goods in return), which I think is an amazing bargain. First bids via PM take the seats.

Thanks for your support.


For the Fourth Annual Beth Chai Boozer, we're leaving behind whisky (Scottish or American), and moving to some calypso rhythms. That's right, RUM! No Bacardi, no coke, just great cane spirits and the classic drinks of the islands and beyond. From fiery white rhum agricole to the dark, mellow float on top of a tiki drink, you'll say "Mai Tai, Roa Ae!" (Out of this world!)

As usual, this will be an evening of education, entertainment, drinks, snacks, and fabulous conversation at the home of DanielK in Potomac, MD. Returning for an encore performance from last year's bourbon blowout is speaker Jake Parrott.

Tentative lineup:

La Favorite rhum blanc ti'punch

White rum: Flor de Cana 4yo

White rum drink: Daiquiri

Bonus drink: Bacardi Cocktail

Youngish rum: Appleton V/X

Youngish rum drink: Rum and Tonic

Old rum: El Dorado 15yo

Old rum drink: Mai Tai

Finishing rum: Neisson Reserve Speciale

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I just wanted to give a heads up that my congregation's annual auction is this weekend, and I don't expect to have leftover seats for the Gin tasting as I did last year for the Rum tasting.

So, if you want to sit around and get silly drunk while listening to jparrott prattle on, I suggest a quick trip to Bethesda on Sunday morning by 11am to bid for yourself.

Catalog is on the website, but here's the text of the Gin event:


From its roots as a 17th Century Dutch medicinal draught, "Mother's Milk" quickly became a

staple of the cocktail bar. By 1730, London distillers were crafting about 14 gallons per adult

male per year!

Our drinking tour will start with jenever, the malty Dutch spirit that the English were attempting

to emulate. Then it's on to the traditional English styles, Old Tom, London Dry, and Plymouth.

We'll finish with a look to the future with American New Western gin. Along the way, we'll

make appropriate cocktails for each style, such as the Holland House, Martinez, and Hanky

Panky, and explore the beauty that is fresh vermouth.

As usual, this will be an evening of education, entertainment, drinks, snacks, and fabulous

conversation at the home of Daniel Korn and Rachel Silber in Potomac, MD on Saturday, July

10th. Returning again is special guest speaker Jake Parrott of Ledroit Brands, LLC.

Top 8 bidders. Minimum Bid: $25.00

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