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Hunan Legend in Columbia - Authentic on the "Secret" Menu

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This is actually a tip that I haven't tried myself, but I really trust.

Hunan Legend is a Chinese institution off Rte 108 in Columbia. Last year, I had a really bad meal at Hunan Legend and wrote about my frustration because I knew people love the place and knew there was a "hidden" menu. Since then, I have gone crazy for Grace Garden in Odenton, which serves up authentic, delicious Chinese food off menus that you can read in English.

But what if you don't have time to drive all that way? An acquaintance actually got Hunan Legend's Chinese menu and translated. It's 34 items, including appetizers, stirfries, noodle dishes and more. The translator was very humble about her "rusty" Chinese, but I have heard from several people who carried the translated menu to Hunan Legend and enjoye authentic Chinese -- Chilean Sea Bass in the spicy sauce, snow peas leaves with scallions and garlic, "dried tofu" with pork, or pork blood and intestines in a spicy, hot sauce. One guy has begun talking with the owners, who he says are Malaysian and have some other Malaysian specialties that they serve to peopel in the know. He says that the trick seems to be *convincing* the waiter/owners that you really want authentic Chinese. They're gunshy about Americans who say they want the "real thing," but don't enjoy their meal.

I actually haven't used the menu yet, but I'm happy to send it to anyone who emails me at howchowblog at gmail. (Update: I will also try to attach the fiel to this post. I didn't know I could do that.)

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