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What Chinese Astronauts Eat


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Just in case you were wondering:

Outer space fish balls real Chinese take-away

Oct 12 9:56 AM US/Eastern

Talk about a Chinese take-away. Astronauts Fei Junlong and Nie Haisjeng blasted into outer space with a full larder of Chinese specialities including cuttlefish and meat balls, and beef with orange peel.

But the pair of orbiting diners will have to do without chopsticks, which were considered too difficult to manoeuvre in the weightlessness of space. They'll use forks and spoons instead according to the state Xinhua news agency.

The menu for China's second manned space flight is much more extensive than that of the first manned mission in October 2003, offering 50 varieties of food instead of the previous 20, Xinhua said.

Two years ago, the first Chinese astronaut Yang Liwei declared that his space food, such as chicken cooked with dates, was "great." But he ate only cold meals because the last spacecraft did not have a food heater.

Fei and Nie will dine on heated food including rice, dehydrated vegetables and a wide assortment of fruit -- strawberries, bananas and the very sweet Chinese "Hami" melon.

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