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  1. Renegade is now open in the former Mr. Days space in Clarendon " “You can’t swing anything in Clarendon and not get nachos,” says Crump, a 25-year industry vet (Eventide, The Ashby Inn & Restaurant) and currently the executive chef at Clarendon Ballroom. “I wanted to get away from that.” His casual menu borrows from a dozen countries and regions, from Vietnam to Egypt to Hawaii. Find curried collard greens with coconut milk, roasted harissa chicken, Filipino spring rolls, Egyptian fava bean falafel. Nothing is more than $10, and many of the dishes Crump learned how to cook f
  2. I've never been to the Palm at Tysons, so if you are literally limiting to NOVA I can't offer a suggestion for a good "steak house". There are loads of places that can do decent steak. But, in DC there are many steak houses, the foremost are Charlie Palmers, Bourbon Steak, or BLT. I am emotionally attached to the Palm in DC -- it was the first Palm to be established outside of NYC, and etc.
  3. No comment except to observe, the end is nigh. Latest development in fake meat
  4. While there is no shortage of lobsters, there may be an impending shortage of the bait -- herring -- preferred by lobster fishermen https://hotair.com/archives/2019/04/01/lobster-wars-may-put-hold/ I'm not sure I agree with the premise here if the least expensive bait becomes unavailable or increases in price that lobstermen will just not fish, instead of substituting whatever the next least expensive bait choice there is. But if true....NOOOOO!
  5. Good read about fraudulent marketing and over-hyped food products: "What seems to be the issue with San Marzano tomatoes is widespread fraud. They command a higher price than regular canned tomatoes, and as with any other premium brand, counterfeits follow. Unlike faux Chanel bags, though, you can buy San Marzanos in legit stores, which is why the sheer number of knockoffs is jaw-dropping. In 2011, Edoardo Ruggiero, the president of Consorzio San Marzano, told the small Italian importing company Gustiamo that at maximum 5 percent of tomatoes sold in the U.S. as San Marzanos are real San M
  6. Don: Here's an article that explains the City Council's vote from a Libertarian perspective: "With its vote on Tuesday, the D.C. City Council did what elected officials in a representative democracy are supposed to do: act as a check."
  7. Useful Q & A about eating well. I personally adhere to the Julia Child diet: everything in moderation (well mostly ).
  8. I hesitate to put this up because it might be a little too inspirational, but nevertheless...
  9. Liberty Barbecue, the newest enterprise of the Liberty Tavern/Lyon Hall/Northside Social folks, had its Grand opening last night in Falls Church. Located In the space most recently occupied by Famous Daves on Broad Street. The schedule for the rest of December is unclear, but they say in January they will be serving both lunch and dinner 7 days a week. Full bar with a small but adequate wine list, and, of course, a nice selection of beer. Wi-Fi is also provided. I had a quarter slab of ribs which were very meaty, perfectly cooked, but could have used a touch more smoke. The sauces need s
  10. Someone disapproves of communal seating arrangements in restaurants and is not shy about sharing their views : "Communal tables are trash. They are garbage. And there is literally no reason to have them because I have never met one person who likes them and I ask every person I meet about their feelings on restaurant seating arrangements. If you’re a restaurateur, you can totally just trust me on this and not waste any more time or money on market research." Let's discuss...
  11. Let's keep the people of Amatrice in our prayers. You can obtain guanciale sometimes at Arrow Wine from an American producer, La Quercia (I believe based in Iowa) or on the internet. I have obtained Mario Batali's guanciale through Heritage USA, and yes it lasts a long time in the fridge. For carbonara and amatriciana it is the authentic meat ingredient, and it can be used as a substitute for pancetta elsewhere. Here is an interesting story about amatriciana -- the town of Amatrice is where the dish originated from. Here's the purported authentic recipe: Recipe for amatriciana, fr
  12. Everyone sometimes takes a perverse pleasure in being insulted -- if they know it's coming. That's why Don Rickles has his audience.
  13. Probably a subjective judgment. Maybe "the worst waiter in the United States" is more apt. I guess if my given name was Edsel Ford, I'd have a chip on my shoulder too... "Past steaming woks and chopping blocks and up a narrow, creaky staircase, Edsel Ford Fong -- the world's most insulting waiter -- greeted patrons with a “sit down and shut up!” Routinely, he cussed out his customers, sexually accosted female companions, and unapologetically spilled soup across laps. According to one diner, he was so malicious that he “made the Soup Nazi look like the Dalai Lama.” ' May 26, 2014 - "
  14. Perhaps this should be cross-posted in the Wine Forum, but I'll let the Administrators decide. Spoiler alert -- it's impossible to find a good pairing for Thin Mints: Thin Mints with 2010 Azienda Agricola La Torre Brunello di MontacinoOur luck had to run out eventually, and this proved to be our first miss, even though the Brunello was everyone's favorite wine on its own. And who doesn't love a good Thin Mint? But together, they were disastrous. Some tasters reacted more strongly than others: "It makes my tastebuds angry," Trimble declared, while Mora said the first bite "sent me into sour
  15. OK -- Not a big fan of "Buzzfeed" [prefer Clickhole when I need to waste some time], but here are some "vintage recipes" that are the stuff of nightmares: Jul 19, 2007 - "Yes, It's a Liver Sausage Pineapple" on turkeysandwich.wordpress.com Just imagine the horror of expecting something pineapple-flavored and instead getting a mix of liverwurst, mayo, and Worcestershire. IMAGINE.
  16. Who's to Judge? BY LAUREN COLLINS "Unlike Michelin, which employs a brigade of full-time inspectors, the 50 Best relies on volunteers, a group of "restaurant-industry experts." The members of the Diners Club World's 50 Best Restaurants Academy, as it is called, are divided into twenty-seven regions. Each region has a chairperson, who appoints thirty-six voters (he or she being one of them), of whom roughly a third are chefs and restaurateurs, a third food journalists, and a third "well-travelled gastronomes." Each voter has seven votes, submitted in order of preference for restaurants at w
  17. I see your point of carrying this a little too far, Don. Case of someone having too much time on their hands. But Caveat Emptor!
  18. Foodies Pwnd: "The Hippest Cafe in Providence was Totally Fake" by Vicky Gan on citylab.com "The satire wasn't exactly subtle. In the days leading up to Lura's grand opening, the restaurant's Facebook page taunted followers with a surreal menu of "home-cut potatoes "¦ wrapped in authentic New York Times newspaper," "cold brew coffee served "¦ over mineralized water rocks," and "10x washed quinoa salad." The quote attributed to Pontus Wikner, "POTS SEIDOOF," is "FOODIES STOP" backwards."
  19. Great. I once ordered the Crack Pie from the NYC Milkbar for Christmas dinner and paid the prohibitive overnight shipping cost (I think $68). If you haven't had it, Crack Pie is aptly named, and now we can just get it as a pick-up item. Yay!
  20. More about this here: "Betty Crocker's Absurd, Gorgeous, Atomic-Age Creations" by Tamar Adler on nytimes.com "It is a dish hard to make sense of: a shimmering vermilion ring of canned tomato sauce, held motionless by gelatin, concealing a coeur caché of canned asparagus and artichoke hearts, the hole at its middle filled to bulging with mayonnaise and sour cream. Called "˜"˜Tangy Tomato Aspic,'' the dish dates from the atomic age, the decades after the bomb was dropped, the war won and a clean, bright American outlook born. It was the age of technocratic make-believe and the early days of
  21. Why Yelp reviews are unreliable Bottom line: "When your clientele becomes the type of people looking for problems, it becomes nearly impossible to take care of them. This type of diner stays longer, takes pictures of everything, and is generally more disruptive to service and other guests. It has greatly diminished the pleasure of hospitality, and I hope it dies a swift, permanent death." Read the whole thing. This is not the only recent discussion of Yelp and Yelpers that supports the basic premise that Yelp empowers people who, for whatever reason, derive more pleasure from tearing so
  22. You strangely interest me. Whatzup?????
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