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Holy Brew

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[shoot me!] <sheepishly> this post will be rewritten, as I wrote a critique on what I thought was the Holy Brew and then I just opened my fridge and found it staring at me. *sigh* Long day of apt hunting.

PS. This is one of those websites that has loud music when you click on it, so be careful where you are browsing! (And no, there is not an off button visible...)

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Going back to deleted first post of: The Heavenly Brew was not the advertised lightness the company claimed; instead, it had a really hoppy aftertaste, which diminished more after I realized this after a first swig, recapped it, found staring back at me TWO days later, took another swig, then finally found the hop to be not-so-much, but still pretty prominent.

I don't recommend it (but that's because I'm not a hops-aftertaste fan), but it did bump up the flavor in my pork soup I made with it.

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