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Tigris, Middle Eastern Grill in Oakton

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Tucked away in a nondescript brown shopping center is Tigris (http://www.tigrisgrill.com/). The owner said they've been there for about a year and their bulk of business was the lunch crowd. Its a casual place and tiny, something like 4 tables. We enjoyed it so much we ate there 2 days in a row. The Iraqi soup was one of my favorites. Its surprisingly light for what I've come to expect with lentils and had a nice taste of lemon. I watched a woman mixing the tabouli which explained why it tasted so fresh. So far we haven't been disappointed with any of our orders. The Sunday lamb specials (Kuzi and Teshreeb) have a similar tomato based sauce that I sopped up completely. So far its been my favorite flat bread. We were given so much that I used the leftovers to make sandwiches later on in the week. Hope you enjoy it. I'd love to see them succeed.

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