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I was inspired to start this by things that I've seen one of my favorite meat mongers at my local Whole Paycheck suffer.

A fair number of you know which WF it is, many maybe even know the gentlemen, but I wanted to start a thread on the most bizarre food related conversations that you have heard.

So today I went in to finish my shopping typically buying nothing but mushrooms (after complaining about their selection years ago, they've gotten much better), protein (the cost sucks, but it's so much better than what you can get at Giant/Safeway) , and Poland Springs sparkling water. On my way in I gestured for a gentleman to walk in ahead of me. Unfortunate. He reeked of cigarettes. As a reformed smoker, I'm more sensitive than most and the smell lingered through the produce section. He was scrawny, with a beer belly and was wearing skinny jeans. Not a pleasant silhouette to follow into the store. At the butcher counter he met up with his two mates. mate #1 ordered "Gimme 2 po*&(^^& h)(&Y^". So MFMM (my favorite meat monger) started reaching for the pork chops. Our lovely Irish patrons continued on in a deep brogue “NO! I said p(*^(&*RT*&^&”. And proceeded on to clarify “POOUR-TOOOUUR-HIIIIICE. Whadafuck am Iam speahkin a ferreign langage or somting”.

I really wanted to say “YES”, but all three of these 6 foot 5 inch, 130 pound guys looked like they view bar clearing brawls as a normal way to end Tuesday nights (much less Saturday nights) and decided that discretion can occasionally be the better part of valor.

He also so felt the need, once a porterhouse was put on the scale to add “nae, I sayyyed too-ouu, gimm a sahconshhd on”. Needless to say, this gentleman did not get the better steaks on display. However, I think one had more than 2 ounces of tenderloin on it.

My Spanish isn’t really good, but my reading of facial expressions is good enough to realize the various types of abuse that were being handed out behind the counter.

Stayed tuned for the S L O W S P E A K I N G W O M A N. And why MFMM deserves a break.

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