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Akasaka, Bull Run Shopping Center in Manassas

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I suspect that this is about a different Japanese place, and in a different strip mall than the one mention in the Strip Mall topic where this originally resided. My daughter had me take her to Akasaka on Sudley Manor Drive in Manassas. This is a combination sushi / teppanyaki place in a strip mall across from the Office Depot. It's not Yama, but it's not bad. The cucumber and radish rolls were well made, the tempura roll not so much. The tempura crust was no longer crunchy except where it emerged from the roll, a sign that it probably was made too far in advance. The nigiri sushi was well made. The salad wasn't as waterlogged as it frequently is in nid-range sushi places, but they could stand investing in a salad spinner. The miso soup was drinkable.

The things you should know is that the sushi nigiri is very expensive for the quality delivered. Most items are over $5.00. My daughter and I spent nearly $100.00 for a fairly modest meal.

We didn't try any of the other menu items, but the action at the griddles was certainly showy.

I guess if you're on Sudley road near 66 and jonesing for sushi, it's better than the chain places farther down the road. But I'd rather eat at Yama.

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