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High West Whiskey Dinner at Vidalia

RJ Cooper

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Before this hits the public, wanted to let you all know that we are doing a dinner paired with the spirits of High West Whiskey from Utah. The dinner will be on the 25th of January the cost will be $110.00 per person all inclusive. The master distiller David Perkins will be here to speak about the process of his spirits. Menu will be written this week while I'm in the shits with restaurant week.

Booz is:

Vodka 7000-oats made

21 yr old Rye


and a couple others dont know off the top.

Contact Mike or Ed to book, we will need a credit card guarantee. I will post a menu soon.

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The spirits lineup should be:

Vodka 7000 (distilled at 7,000 feet**)

21 yr old Rye

16-yr Rye

Rendezvous Rye


*A blend of aged Bourbon and two aged Ryes)

** Dave Perkins says that it is best enjoyed on a chairlift before 10:00 in the morning ( :angry:)

More info here: High West

These whiskies have gotten lots of acclaim in the spirits community. Should be fun, and the menu from R.J. ought to be smashing. :lol:

Space is limited, so please call Vidalia now: (202) 659-1990

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