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Moms Who Work in Restaurants

Beth Cover

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I'm expecting my first child, a boy, in May. I've been struck by how limited child care in DC is for evenings hours. (I work in a restaurant.)

Would love to get together with other expectant or new moms who may who in the food world. (I'm interested in setting up a nanny share with someone who has similar work hours.) That said, I'd also love to meet expectant or new moms who love food, want to share cooking experiences with their little ones!

"Baer" already has a craving for fresh fruit and brownies...at least that's my excuse.;)

Anyone interested?


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I hesitate to suggest it, because in so many ways it can be insufferable (PM me for more details on why), but DC urban moms has a very active listserv that might also be a source of ideas and nanny shares. The main listserv is the first one referenced on this page:


Good luck, and I wish I could tell you more from personal experience in the food industry. I just love to eat and prepare for friends, am not a professional!

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