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I realized I have never posted about this great little Ethiopian place in Pigtown.

It's a family run place and the food is fantastic- generous portions, not expensive.

Here is my post from my blog:

We decided to try several of the half & half options to try more of the items available on the menu.

The Dulet, lamb tripe, liver and meat, was nice and spicy, and was ground up fine enough that you probably could not tell it was tripe.

We got the Kitfo, beef tartare, which was served with a nice light housemade cheese, and the Tibs beef.

We were nicely surprised by the Doro Wot, the chicken stew cooked in a red pepper (berbere) sauce and onions.

We also tried the vegetarian platter, which included lentils, spicy lentils, yelllow split peas, greens, and tofu.

To drink, I liked my ginger iced tea.

821 Washington Blvd.

Baltimore, MD 21230

(410) 637-3207

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