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Pat and Goldenticket


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I'm plowing my way through a bunch of administrative stuff right now, and it dawned on me that without the help of Pat and Goldenticket, this website would no longer to be able to accept new members. My time is spent, completely spent, and it is solely because these two wonderful people have selflessly taken on membership administration that we can continue to register new users.

Anyone who has signed up in the past month or so, please buy them a drink when you see them; you wouldn't be here without them.

Thank you both very much - I don't know how long you'll be able to stand this little trial run, but I'm beyond grateful for everything you've done so far. NEW USERS: Please send them a note of thanks. They keep this site vibrant and alive.

Thankful, grateful, in your debt,


P.S. Regarding membership, I cannot and will not forget all that hillvalley and mktye have done over the years. After having done all of this myself for the past two years, I learned first-hand what a living hell, what a thankless, behind-the-scenes job membership registration is.

In chronological order:



Pat and goldenticket


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