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Shiraz Wholesale Market, Tyco Road in Vienna


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I haven't been in there [Figs Fine Foods] in a while, but as I recall, she has a very small number of "grocery" items for sale, like tea and jam. If you are looking for Lebanese groceries, you might want to look elsewhere--Shemali's on New Mexico Ave. is the closest one to Figs in the District, and while they aren't the biggest place in the region for Middle Eastern foods, they sell olives and feta and have a small selection of both savory and sweet pastries as well as shelves of packaged, jarred and canned foods and spices.

Shiraz Wholesale Market

While shopping for appliances on Saturday, I noticed there's a middle eastern market next to the Bray & Scarff on Tyco Rd. In Vienna. They have a butcher, halal meat, produce, and dry goods. Their sandwiches are made with sub rolls, including kebab and falafel. I had a falafel and it's different - was it not deep fried? Maybe it was pre-made and then microwaved.

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