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Sushi Aoi, 11th Street and NY Avenue Downtown

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(FWIW, I haven't to Sushi Aoi in years, but I remember back when Kotobuki first opened, Sushi Aoi had dollar happy-hour sushi - I went to both restaurants on consecutive nights, and remember having a strong preference Sushi Aoi's sushi rice. Obviously this is a minor data point, but it also reminds me that I'm long overdue there.)

Wanting something to take my mind off of an upcoming interview, I decided to leave the office and give Sushi Aoi a try. The room with the sushi bar is ugly, I mean Japanese automat ramen shop ugly. All of the counters and tabletops are teal formica, with shiny metal edging, and yes, it is possible to have too much teal in your life...

As for lunch, the pieces are way too large and the woman that made my sushi used too heavy a hand while forming the rice, that said the rice was flavorful. Like a couple of other places around DC, I would love for the size of pieces and the prices to come down to a level that is easier to swallow (most nigiri offerings are $5 and higher). I was pleased to see Inari (fried bean curd pouches) on the menu, unfortunately, these were a little below average. Service was professional and prompt, if not a little cold. Certainly not the worst sushi in town, but not something I would trek out of my way to have again.

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