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Snout to Tail Cooking Class


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Took an enjoyable 2 session class at Culinaerie taught by Rachael Harriman (ex-Sou'wester Exec Chef). The class butchered 2 whole shoats and prepared the dishes mentioned below. Caveat: We did not get to make the head cheese as the butchering took longer than expected as it was her first time teaching this (or any) class. Not really a problem if you ask me and she was a great instructor. Very clear instruction and obviously good information on technique.

They hope to be offering it again and word is that she may also be teaching a fish butchering (proper word?) class.

Day 1, Saturday, March 5: Shoat Loin with scalloped potatoes and braised kale;“Chicken fried” Pork steak; Cured ham; Head cheese in preparation for Week 2. Day 2, Saturday, March 12: Roasted shoat legs with Baked Beans, Head Cheese, Scrapple and Crispy Belly
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