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Proposal: DC Menu Collection Project


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Hi there,

I was reading a story in the Boston Globe about the city's glorious food past:

Food City

In passing, the author noted that the New York Public Library had collected over 700 menus from one 19th century restaurant in just 4 years (1862-1865).

So I wondered whether future generations would know what we ate. Thus, this proposal. Is anyone else interested in collecting and saving menus from DC right now? If I can find sufficient interest, I would be glad to figure out if the DC Library or the Library of Congress would be interested in participating. If they aren't, maybe a local college is. The rest of the collection process should be easy to suss out.

I will only go ahead with this unless at least 15 people evince real interest or am persuaded by a few folks who REALLY want it to go forward. Let me know if you definitely want to participate, preferably in this thread or by PM if you are shy. B)


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I've always been interested in menu collections, probably because my alma mater had a small collection of menus.

Interested, most likely, because as a poor college student, steak and eggs for under two bits sounded nice!


I've been thinking about this concept and I think that two people might be able to do it. Hit me backchannel if you are still interested.


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