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Pick your own strawberries


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I love strawberries. I don't mean the peices of card board they sell in groceries or many farm stand (which I believed to be repackaged store straw berries), I mean real berries that are small sweet and test like strawberries I remember from childhood. (BTW in my adult like I came across good strawberries only once: in centeral NJ where I lived next to a strawberry field one year. Next year the put up track housing).

So this year in an effort to introduce my kids to great berries, I'm trying to find a you-pick place with good variety of strawberries. I figure I would have the best luck going straigh to the source.

BTW, we go to Butlers every year for blue, black and rasberries. Haven't done strawberries there. Do they have different varieties?

Would appreciate your thoughts on a good strawberry you pick farm.


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