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Délice de Pommard


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Thanks to Beerboy_999 at Arrowine for remembering that I was looking for this even after he told me he could not locate a source!

Despite the description markys.com gave as a goat cheese, it is a cow cheese. This makes a lot of sense, I despise the taste of goat cheese - something to do with a cannoli being filed with the wrong piping bag.

Last spring in Burgundy, several locals unsolicitedly told us we had to try "Délice de Pommard". They were right; despite only having two bites, it is one of the best cheeses I have ever had!

A VA wholesaler is now carrying it. It can be air-shipped every few months. If you want to try it or have been looking for it - Arrowine has some now:

Délices de Pommard

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any idea if this cheese is still available locally? I fell in love with it last summer in Burgundy.

I think Arrowine places their cheese orders on Tuesdays and receive them by the next Thursday. They have ordered it twice for me. The cheese has about a 3 week "shelf-life".

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fyi - I've now found the cheese not only at arrowine but also at Broad Branch Market in Chevy Chase/DC and at the Safeway in upper Gtown. I will confess that I talked it up to both places. The Safeway store is selling the mustard seed version for $14.99 - and it also acquired the truffle version (smaller) and has marked it down to $7.50 because it's about to "expire." I've had an "expired" Delice de Pommard and it was fine and delicious.

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