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Hi, there are two (ultimately) critical, ongoing technical problems I'm experiencing right now involving Invision (the company that wrote this software) and DreamHost (the company that's hosting this website).

Essentially, Invision and Dreamhost are unwilling to accept responsibility for what SHOULD be very basic technical issues, and are both pointing their fingers at each other.

Invision says, "It's Dreamhost's responsibility!"

Dreamhost says, "We can't help you with Invision problems!"

It's a long story, but both of these items are pretty damned important. Thing is ... I'm not going to have any time at all to address them in the next couple of weeks (i.e., before the second week of September), and I am now beyond convinced that I lack the technical expertise to do it all myself. This is exactly why this website needs some funding - because it's grown too large to ask people to do this type of thing for free.

If there's any web specialist out there that doesn't mind being a go-between working with Invision and Dreamhost (and I'm pretty sure this is going to involve persistent, pestering letters to both companies, going back and forth until one of them finally steps up and takes some responsibility), these two items are things that this website really, really needs done.

But again, I can't touch them for at least a couple of more weeks; I don't even have time to think about them right now. I am sick and tired of being held hostage to both of these companies, and I wish I could tell them both to go to hell, but I'm not in any position to do that right now.

So if anyone's out there, and wouldn't mind putting some endlessly frustrating time into this, could they write me? At this point, I'm willing to pay someone to do this.



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