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Tschiffely Pharmacy, Three DC Locations


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Another local pharmacy that is family owned and also the antidote to chains is Tschiffely Pharmacy. I have also used Foer's in the past when it was next to my doctors and it was an emergency. The key is that I am willing to pay a little more for the excellent service that I receive from them. The pharmacists here are fantastic. As a Type 1 Diabetic, I have maintenance medications such as insulin and syringes, that one would think would be fairly easy to fill. When I used to use CVS, Giant, etc. I would not be able to get out of the store without my Rx being wrong. More likely than not I'd be running to pick up my Rx and not find out until I got home that they had messed it up again. Of course as I've gotten older, my prescription needs have increased and Tschiffely has always been there to advise and recommend when the need arises.

I have no connection to the family, but after using the pharmacy for repeated years and with my Rx needs am certainly treated as a "regular" would be in the restaurant industry. I've been to all the locations at one time or another, and know all the pharmacists. Actually, whenever I'm there I've noticed the pharmacists seem to know all the customers, as if they were their own patients.

They have locations at 1330 Conn Ave, 1145 19th, 2021 K St, and they used to be at Union Station. :mellow: Apparently they were squeezed out of Union Station, like many other Mom & Pop stores, and I just found out about it when I read this WaPo article from Sept 8th.

T. Lopes

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