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  1. Wow, my niece who was the subject of this original post is turning 30 this year!
  2. Sorry you did not have a good experience when you went. We did, but they are still very new and probably need to work out the kinks with consistency.
  3. @deangold I discovered shiokoji when I discovered Miyoko's products. I was making a mushroom pate for Thanksgiving, and wanted it to be vegan for my SIL. I was thrilled to find the cream cheese and butter products from Miyoko were very tasty. And that I also was able to eat them, due to no soy! I just started to look on all the options on Amazon, so glad to know what works and does not work for you. I may be asking for more detailed instructions if I try to replicate some of your efforts 😁
  4. These photos were taken the night we were there-we were sitting just to the right of the photographer! (We had everything that was shown in these pictures, plus more!)
  5. Not this weekend, but driving home now from a delicious dinner. Palena 2.0 🥰 Seriously-Mr. S said the chicken was just as he remembered it, and missed it. The menu was pared back from the original opening plans to better be able to manage and for the kitchen to get in its stride. We had no hiccups tonight. I’ll post menu and what we ordered after we get home.
  6. Las minute--If anyone is around town tonight, I find myself possibly waiting for Mr. S while he has a dinner meeting at Joe's Stone Crab. I was thinking of hanging out in the bar and getting a bite and wait for him, if anyone would like to join? I'm also game to go elsewhere nearby... (He just texted me about this-originally thought his meeting was Wednesday so I would have made plans sooner!)
  7. Annabelle's website showed that it was "open" at 5:30 today. Must be the soft opening, as official opening is Friday 17th. Popville has the bar, dessert, and wine menus as well. It reads very much like Palena, to me (and I don't see that as a bad thing.😁) If we hadn't already had plans today for Mr. S' birthday, we would seriously have considered popping in to the bar. Plan is to celebrate when we go on the 21st!
  8. Fingers crossed - Annabelle was slated to open "mid January" but I haven't heard anything anywhere about it. I found it interesting that today's article in the Washingtonian about the top ranked restaurant openings they are looking forward to in 2020, did not even make a mention of Annabelle! Good- better chance for me to get a reservation! 😉
  9. I’m sorry to say I’ve totally missed seeing this topic! Hopefully my reply will ensure I see the next class/gathering. 😁 Always wanted to learn to make tamales, but not adventurous enough to do so on my own.
  10. Whenever I find myself searching, it is by location first, then i can see what is nearby and what I am in the mood for... if neighborhood or area listings are lost, I don’t see it being as useful for me.
  11. Dang. If I like it, it closes. 😟 Unfortunately neither location was convenient for me, but I would go out of my way when the weather would allow, to grab a coffee and sandwich for lunch.
  12. I sure wish Dino's was open for lunch. 🙁 Off at 2 today and need to wait until 6 for my ride home...would've been a perfect opportunity to stop in!
  13. I've never enjoyed eating at the Rockville location of Matchbox. Too busy and crowded. Had a very nice meal at the new Silver Spring location this weekend, however. It is a considerably smaller footprint so feels much more intimate. The service was excellent and good food to match. Nice for a quick after-move bite.
  14. @kardut just saw your post. I highly recommend Rochelle Myers catering. I know she is not on your list, but worth checking out. My cousin’s daughter was recently married at a NVA winery and I referred her to Rochelle. Without any other input from me she spoke with Rochelle and did a tasting, and said the food was far superior to the other caterers. And I can vouch from the experience that the food and service was exceptional.
  15. Dad has a birthday on Tuesday, so we are going to see a movie at Montgomery Mall, then out to dinner afterwards. There are caveats: He wants something he can't get at Riderwood, where he lives. So Korean, Thai, Vietnamese are options he would like, as well as loving bbq beef ribs (which no one has!) But Mom is very picky (low or no fat, will eat seafood but not red meat, and sister has lactose intolerance, as well as no pork or shellfish. And if I can find one thing on the menu I can eat, I'll be happy. (Garlic, Soy, Legumes, all allergies) I contacted Al Ha'esh, and think that may be an option. But I made the mistake of suggesting Kpot BBQ and he really likes that idea. Haven't spoken with them yet to see if I can eat anything but yeah, Korean is one of the most difficult for me to navigate. Oh, and Mom is in a walker so has to be accessible. Any gems I am missing? @DanielK ? I also looked at X'ian but the menu was overwhelming and I don't think that would go over too well. Open to going up to Rio if we can get there pretty quickly. Mom is used to eating around 5ish and the movie won't get out until after 5. TALL order, I know! TIA for any suggestions.
  16. I think I have enough miles - and we are due for a trip back there! Definitely something to look forward to, though not for the opening...
  17. BlueStar is great! Did our remodel about 13 yrs ago. Still a workhorse, and still love it. And recommended if doesn't use a wok, too!
  18. Great to see you here. I have family in MSP and my niece will be getting married there next year. Are you familiar with St. Louis Park? That's where my Mom grew up and I still have some cousins nearby.
  19. Missed it this year- hadn’t Seen the posts and the thread title showed April 24 so I assumed it was coming up later this month. 😕
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