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Dominique Attaway, Photographer, Charlottesville (HC)


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We used Dominique Attaway to do our wedding photography after a glowing review from my Mother In Law because she takes the school portraits there and they actually turn out well, and her other photos are really well done. My Mother In Law is meticulous so normally if she recommends someone for something they are damn good. She did an absolutely phenomenal job. Both my bridal portraits and wedding photos came out so well. She worked with us to create a package of exactly what we wanted and didn't want. I have even gotten compliments on how good her photos were from facebook stalkers, family, other friends, other professional photographers pretty much anyone who has seen them. She made us feel very comfortable with her and is just so nice. She would tell you if you needed to straighten your posture or do something so you wouldn't waste money on bad pictures, but was never pushy and it wasn't over the top direction. My husband really liked her too. And she didn't just take pictures and send them, I can tell that she did a lot of touching up and different techniques to give the pictures the look we wanted. She also made us a short movie and photo books for our Mothers.

She lives in Charlottesville, but is very flexible and is in the Northern Virginia area all the time for different things. She shoot our wedding at the Greenbrier. Her fees were really really reasonable for our event, to the point when I saw everything she did for us I was just amazed. And she gave us a free portrait session for one year anniversary. If you are looking for someone for a wedding or portraits definitely check out her blog and website and look at her galleries.



Katelin Moomau

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