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Never been, and can't make it this Friday but the 4th monthly Truckaroo extravaganza takes place tomorrow/today, 11AM to 11PM. 20+ food trucks, live bands and there's a bar, down by the ballpark.. The friend who turned me on to this swear it's as good as it sounds. Sadly, I have symphony tickets, but someone needs to explore and report, and let us know whether we should all go for the October grand finale for the year.

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I made it to the July Truckeroo - it's a good way to check out lots of the food trucks all in one place. It was pretty crowded; lines were long at some trucks, others had sold out and were closed. There's not a lot of seating, but it's fun to wander and people watch, especially on a pleasant afternoon/evening. There's beer to be purchased* and live music, as Waitman noted, along with cornhole (!). Carla Hall was there, friendly and smiling as she always seems to be.

Depending on the timing, I'd be game for a DR meet-up at the October event.

*I may be wrong, but it might be that all beverages have to be purchased at the Das Bullpen bar. Anyone else know if that's the case?

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